Public Relations


Unlike traditional firms, IVC focuses on lowering your campaign expenditures and increasing your staff’s productivity. Our business model is built on selling experience and skill rather than billable hours. This pricing model promotes cost-effective campaign strategy, and a more personal approach.


Public Relations
Our cutting-edge strategies go beyond what conventional wisdom would suggest. Unlike traditional educational campaigns, IVC focuses on building substantive, long-term, relationships with your constituency.

Online Outreach 
IVC creates, designs, and manages online communities. From strategy guides to optimized advertising to database management, we help your team utilize online tools more effectively.

Traditional Outreach 
We understand the importance of new technologies in a more interconnected world, and combine these new capabilities with traditional ‘offline’ approaches that have years of proven efficacy.


Our Services

Social Media

We design social media accounts, create comprehensive strategy guides, and run effective online campaigns.

Online Advertising

Targeted messaging and monitored spending, we optimize online advertising on multiple outlets.

Content Management

Helping clients craft and articulate effective messaging with our journalistic experience and online technology.

Back-end Development

From the ground up, we can build and modify innovative and sophisticated online websites and networks.


Creative Design

From mailers, to social media accounts, to magazine ads, we make you look good.

Video Production

Commercials, tutorials, and promos will set your brand apart from the rest.

Print Collateral

Deliver high quality direct mail, brochures, handouts, and signage to your target audience.

The Kitchen Sink

Accounting, grant writing, establishing non-profits. We’ve done it. We’ll do it for you.


IVC Connect

Leverage online and social advertising for advocacy campaigns effectively and efficiently.


IVC provides you with the added benefits of trained and certified NationBuilder Experts and Architects.



About Us

With a combined over 100 years of unmatched experience, IVC’s strategies are designed to maximize the positive impact of any public relations campaign. We understand the importance of new technologies in a more interconnected world, and combine these new capabilities with traditional ‘offline’ approaches that have years of proven efficacy. IVC’s track record of success has been built on our ability to tailor messages for both different audiences and mediums into well-round campaigns.

Chad Peace

Director of Operations – Chad is a licensed attorney in California and has managed and developed strategic campaigns to increase grassroots voter involvement, to promote and expand California’s non-partisan primary efforts, and to reach out to otherwise ignored and disenchanted voters. Chad developed the voter outreach for California’s successful nonpartisan primary initiative, a national legal strategy to defend individual voter rights, and a successful campaign to draft a United States Senator.
Anthony Astolfi

Creative Director – Anthony has over a decade of experience working with companies such as Sony, KB Homes, Sempra Energy; and political campaigns including Rand Paul and Campaign for Liberty. He is a certified NationBuilder Architect and specializes in online marketing.
Kyle Haller

Developer – Kyle Haller is all about pixel perfection.  From Photoshop to SASS he specializes in making websites and advertisements have great design and usability.
Cadee Condit Gray

Cadee Condit Gray

Government Affairs – Cadee Condit Gray graduated from California State University Sacramento while working for Assemblyman Dick Floyd. She continued her professional career as Special Assistant to California State Governor Gray Davis in 2000. In 2005, Cadee left politics to her own business, Toccare Massage Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She operated the local business, supervising and leading its thirty employees until returning to the political world in 2012.
Jane Susskind

Social Media Director – Throughout her career, Jane involved herself in politics through government relations in Sacramento and with a position at the San Diego Office of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Focusing on the growing importance of online communications in the political sphere, she brings her experience and knowledge of social media trends and strategy to the IVC office.
Alex Gauthier

Content Management – Alex got his first taste of politics lobbying Congress for a civic engagement campaign in 2011. He has rich background in political theory and a B.A. in Political Science from SDSU. He developed government reference materials for CQ Press’ Political Handbook of the World 2012. Alex has a passion for effective communication through writing.
Mike Foster

Production Manager – Mike was born and raised in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Over the years, he has called many places home, from Mexico City to Madrid to Alaska. His favorite hobbies are dog photography, basketball, and seeking out San Diego’s best fish tacos.
Shawn Griffiths

Project Director – Shawn helps manage, a client of IVC, from his satellite office in Texas. A native of the Lone Star State, he studied Philosophy and HIstory at the University of North Texas and spent years in Texas grassroots politics. Shawn has experience in freelance writing, journalism, editing, and audio/video production. He enjoys good music, good company, intellectual discourse, and values independent thought and objective truth.
Beth Reno

Treasurer – Beth brings a broad background in both the corporate and political environments of Southern California. With 40 years of experience for a San Diego based media and entertainment company, Beth rose from bookkeeper and vice president of operations to become an Officer of the Company as Secretary and Treasurer. Her political experience spans well over 35 years from grass roots participation to full campaign responsibilities as Treasurer for a number of politicians in Southern California.
George Hansen

Developer – George has been developing web tools for over a decade and is an all-around programming and UNIX guru. He graduated with high honors from UC Berkeley and now resides in Hawaii where he enjoys surfing.
Nancy Phung

A San Diego native and first generation Vietnamese-American, Nancy grew up within a number of small businesses. She received her bachelor’s at SDSU in International Security and Conflict Resolution (ISCOR), with an emphasis on Global Systems and minor in Anthropology. An active member of National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) and Director of Events and Vendor Operations for Convoy District San Diego, she is now making strides in socio-politics as administrative assistant with IVC.